Pros & Cons On Using Non Woven Bags

Recycle Bags

Globally, an inhabitant of the country like the United States, Canada, France, Belgium and Australia, consume on average 300 to 350 plastic bags per year. But 80% of these bags are not recyclable. They are then thrown in nature, and there is the talk of a seventh continent of non-biodegradable waste in the North Pacific. Its area would be six times that of France! What to do with these bags that are flooding the landscape and degrade? Can we not use them? If not, would it be possible to recycle or reduce them for other purposes? And in the future, would it be possible to design with materials that would have the three characteristics required for the preservation of the environment? That's a good reason to prefer the reusable non-woven bags.

Reusable Green bags - Different types of bags and materials

Shopping bag

The reusable bag to shop serves many, is to contain the various purchases you have made or objects you want to take in the greatest discretion. This is sometimes a tote, where you put anything and anyhow, during your visit to a store. Currently, many substitutes, reusable bags, practical, durable and ergonomic, are available on the market.

Tote bag

The tote bag is increasingly used for shopping, or for the event. It can receive stationery, gift items, or smaller size, samples of various products. It can be used for advertising campaigns, or to perfect public relations. It is used to catch the eye and envy of customers in certain cosmetics and perfume shops. In most cases it carries the logo directly from home that provides. In short, in the present context, the tote bag is a reusable bag at will. Its lifespan can reduce greatly the mass of waste from the use of other types of disposable bags.

Paper (Kraft, coated, embossed)

Kraft bags are based on the market, with different patterns and colors. The only Kraft does not have a reusable bag at 100% unless the bag is used for the transportation of dry items. A piece of cardboard reinforces the background, and you do not have to fear the sliding loading by that party.

Green packaging

The green packaging consists only of natural material, biodegradable and recoverable. None of its compositions appears on the external appearance of this reusable bag. The material comprises 99% sugar cane fiber, bagasse, which is added 1% waterproofing oil, compatible with food products. The bag thus formed, supports cold or boiling water, microwave and refrigerator. Then it is reusable, recyclable, compostable and degradable. It's a recycle bag that is developing strongly.

Properties of Non-Woven Bags

Reusable bags are presented in various formats, which do not deviate from the standard format. To increase capacity, and give the more aesthetic external appearance, the bags with bellows and a cardboard background.

The handle is the strongest part of the reusable bag. Its junction with the body of the bag must be strong. The handles can be in the same material as the bag body. For paper bags, for example, the handles are twisted paper, to stay in the uniformity of the material. Sometimes stylists prefer handles ropes or fabric, or cotton tape, to render more aesthetic and more resistant structure.
Use is also made of nylon, in the form of tape or tube. Forms of grip rubber hose, give more comfort in transporting loaded bag. The handles can be long, to hang on shoulders. They are as short or cut directly into the body of the bag. The bag can be closed with a zipper. This accessory, complete comfort combined with the luxury of reusable bags. Its moisture resistance was improved by coating the inner and outer side.

Reusable bag – Standards & certifications

Standards and certifications

The reusable packaging label means that the bag can be reused with or without treatment, such as washing. It all depends on its usage. A paper bag which would have been used for the packaging of cosmetic products unless any casting, cannot be stained. It can be reused several times before being abandoned permanently.

Environmental benefits of using a non-woven bag

The adoption of the green bag allows making a strong contribution to the preservation of the environment. It makes you actually participate in sustainable development, without compromising your living comfort. This assumes, however, attention and commitment of every moment. This is a responsible attitude in protecting our environment, preserve our health and that of our children. No non-bio-degradable plastic bag should be thrown in nature because it will end up in the sea.

Many Benefits to Non-Woven bags

* Recycle bags, allow first to decrease their production. This would result, to reduce the industry running time, energy consumption and the emission of pollutants.
* Releases of bags in the bins will also be lowered, and avoid less concern with garbage, incinerators, and the general public. That is why they label "green bag".
* The designers are stepping then in the race to find the best reusable bag, the best price, environmentally friendly and reusable. Reusable bags will convey several times, and for a while, branding the companies that provide them.
* Some well-crafted bags are still far more attractive than simple plastic bags!

Some Disadvantages of Non-Woven Bags

* The green bag requires some care before receiving food. First, it must be in good condition and contain no holes or tears. The bag for transporting food products, must not be mixed with other bags which would have been used for the transport of non-food objects. So you have to separate the bags depending on their use from the start.

* Non-woven bags are not safe for everyday health, as is sometimes thought. Poorly cleaned, they become the seat of dangerous bacteria. We serve daily thick plastic bags, to do everything for our products from the butcher for example. Reuse encourages us to use them alternately once for fish, and another time for vegetables. We can put them anywhere, at our different races and contaminations arrive very quickly, without our notice.
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