Pros & Cons On Choosing Tote Bag

Tote Bag

There is a wide range of bags that are made in different design and style. The bags are also made for different purposes. One of the most common bag seen around is the tote bag. This bag tends to be humble enough and it has been around for quite some time. Basically, the word Tote originally means, to carry, so it is a bag that is meant to be carried and you can easily walk with it around. There are a number of pros and cons of the tote bag and they include the following:

Pros of the Tote Bag

- Versatile

The tote bag is one of the most flexible bags in town and it comes in a wide range of design and style. Preliminary, these bags were made of canvas and they also came in a single color. It was mostly green in color, but all this has changed. Currently, you will find a number of tote bags in town and they all come in different design and style. There are tote bags that come in canvas, PVC or cotton material, so you can easily choose them as you prefer. You can also find some eco-friendly tote bags that can be used in place of the plastic bags, especially when you need one for shopping. There are also leather tote bags that are made by popular designers. These ones can be used as a fashion accessory or for anything else. They also come in different colors, prints, patters and designs. All this is to make them flexible and suitable for everyone. For that, you can be sure of buying more than two tote bags, which will be completely different and they can go a long with different attires.

- They match with different outfits

Another great thing about the tote bags is that they can go along with anything. They do come in different colors and for that, you can easily match them with any clothes that you wear. They are made with different style, colors, design and pattern, which will perfectly complement your attire. You can be sure of finding a bag that will go well with the clothes that you wear. The leather tote bags can be worn with an official outfit or any outfit suitable for work. They can also be worn comfortably with a casual attire and you will still appear elegant. The canvas and cotton tote bags will go well with a weekend outfit. You may also make an order from the makers of the bags, to have your bag customized to fit your needs and clothes.

- They are easy to carry

Like the name suggests, to carry, the tote bags are basically meant to be carried anywhere and almost everywhere. On the contrary, there are some bags that will be generally difficult to carry and you will not feel comfortable to carry them around. With the tote bags, you can easily carry them, whether you want to carry them when they are hanging down your hand, or you want to carry them on your shoulder. They are comfortable and quite friendly to carry, with no any major challenge when you are handling them. They will not fall off the shoulder and you can easily switch hands whenever you need to. Basically, you can carry it like a sling bag, or like a regular tote, without causing any discomfort.

- Quite spacious

The tote bag has a lot of space that you can utilize to the fullest. These bags have been designed to carry a lot of things at a go. They tend to have a bigger holding space, compared to other bags, which have less space and might not be as convenient as such, in some situations. If you need to carry some shopping items, they can easily carry as much content as possible and they will let you reduce the need of having more bags for carrying the goods. There are the reusable bags that will allow you to go shopping and fully utilize them. They can also be used as a bag for keeping items, when you are travelling. They will allow you to place some items and carry the bag, devoid of any challenge. They are spacious enough to serve you as you expect.

- Sturdier

In comparison to the plastic bags, the tote bags are stronger and they will be able to carry heavier goods. If you are going shopping with a canvas bag, it can be able to hold heavier goods, compared to the plastic bags. This makes it more reliable and you can easily use it as you wish. The leather bag can also hold heavier materials. In general, the tote bags are a great option to choose, if you want a bag that can serve you to the fullest and one that is flexible enough to be used in different applications. They are generally quite reliable and can be handy in many situations.

Cons of the tote bags

Despite the many benefits of the bag, they have some disadvantages, which include the following.
- Limited pockets/partitions

In most cases, the tote bag will have one single pocket, that is the main section for carrying the items. This can be inconvenient, especially if you have small items like your mobile phone, car key, or anything else. It can be very challenging to have only one single section to carry some items, which can either be destroyed or they can be mixed up in the event. They are generally meant to carry shopping items, books, or a few items.

-They can be too big for an event

In some situation, the tote bag can be too big for a particular event, which can make it quite irrelevant. There are some attires that will need you to have a small purse, especially when you have an elegant evening dress. It wouldn鈥檛 look great walking with a tote bag for an evening event. In a nutshell, the tote bags are great options for a weekend wear and specific official wear, but avoid carrying them if you need to attend an important evening function. They are not the best option for such events, but they are still elegant bag choices that you can have in your collection.
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