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Plastic Bags

In recent time, people talked a lot about the drawbacks of plastic bags and all the environmentalist ask you to use non woven bag instead of plastic bag. We all can have a debate on this factor and many people may still prefer to use plastic bag instead of their paper counterpart. Off course, they can have some reasons or logical explanations for their preference, but if we make non woven bag vs plastic bag comparison, then only we can make a decision on the basis of facts and details. Here, I am going to a comparison in both of these options and then you can take your decision in wise and much-informed manner.
Impact on environment

At this time, only 5 % non woven bags are being used around the world compared to plastic bags. Although plastic bags can get recycled easily, but only 3% of these bags get to the recycling plants and rest 97% goes to dump yards, ocean or at other places as litter. Although, Singapore is not one of those places where you can see plastic bag scattered on streets, but more than 4 billion plastic bag end up as litter on the roads and street in the world. Also, the plastic bag that goes to dump yard or ocean takes years to decompose on the natural manner and release a lot of toxic chemicals in the process of decomposition. That explanation is enough to explain that plastic bag is not a good or environment-friendly option for you.

At the other hand, if you use non woven bags, then it will not take years in the decomposition process. That means if you dump it in sea, or in dump yard, then also it will not remain there for forever and in a short span of time, it will go away. Also, in the process of decomposition, it is not going to create any harmful chemicals because it contain organic substance that is consumable by microbes. So this is certain that you will not leave any kind of negative effect while using non woven bags. But you may not have any assurance for same.

Material required for making

If we talk about the material that makes the plastic bag or non woven bag, then you can find a great difference in it. While most of the non woven bag manufacturer use 35% or more paper that is recycled. So, it leaves less carbon foot print on the environment. However, this is not the case with the plastic bag and millions of barrels oil is required to create it. I don’t have to explain this simple fact that use of oil is directly proportional to increment of carbon footprint. So, we can claim that if you are using a non woven bag, then you will consume less natural resources compared to the plastic bag.

Effect on animals

A lot of animal rights organization ask you not to use a plastic bag because it becomes the reason of death for many animals. When you use and throw the plastic bag as litter on streets then many animals that wander on road eat assuming it as a food product. They often get this feeling because of the food product that you carried in a plastic bag. When they consume the plastic bag, then it gets stuck in their neck or in the stomach and they get a painful death because their body cant digests plastic.

At the other side, a non woven bag does not create this kind of problem for many animals. I agree if you would have food product in a non woven bag, and if you throw it on the road, then it will get eaten by animals. But I am saying this because most of the animals can digest the paper and similar material. So, this is a reason explaining why you should use a non woven bag instead of a paper bag.

Effect on marine life

Many time, your plastic bags get thrown into the ocean along with other waste material. That can be a nesting ground for many harmful bacteria’s and those bacteria’s and microbes can travel far from the surface in the seat. As a result to that, it affect the marine life in a negative manner. Other than this, it is also possible that many sea animals would try eating plastic bag assuming it as food. When they consume it, then it affects the health of those marine animals and it leaves a negative impact on them. This kind of issues or complications is not there with non woven bags. Since, they are bio degradable and take very less time for decomposition, so it will not affect the marine life in any manner. Needless to say, that is one more amazing benefit that can encourage you to choose non woven bag instead of its plastic counterpart.

Style and designs

On a plastic bag, you can have a print of your choice, but if you want to give a special design to it, then that will not be possible for you unless you make it very bulky and more like a basket. However, this limitation is not there with a non woven bag, because you can get a different kind of style and designs in it. Those designs and styles can help you have a pattern of your choice. So, if we ignore other benefits or parts for same, then also its style and looks is a factor that can encourage you to use non woven bag instead of plastic bag. Since it can give a style statement to you, so this is certain that you are going to have a really great outcome with it.

Other than this, you may have many other benefits as well that you can get in a non woven bag, but not in a plastic bag. So, now you know all the cons and pros of both these options and now you can take your decision in a wise manner without having any mistake or complication in the selection of this process.
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