Merits Of Non Woven Bag

Do bags have a role to play in society? Bags are a must have item for individuals especially women who need them to carry stuff. Companies and businesses also use bags for promotional purposes. Statistics around the world show that close to 400 bags are utilized by one person in just one year. This translates to millions of bags being used all over the globe. Initially, plastic bags were the bags that were pre-dominantly used and are still used even today. But as times change, the use of plastic bags is also declining. The realization that plastic bags take ages to degrade and cause pollution of the environment has enhanced the adoption of non-woven bags. These bags are biodegradable and can be reused for many years. It is estimated that about 90% of non-woven bags will find their way in most countries around the globe within very few years. How are non-woven bags made? Non-woven polypropylene (pp) is the fabric that is used to make non-woven bags. The non-woven polypropylene comprises two types of fiber: bond polypropylene fiber and spun fiber.

Non Woven Bags

Non-woven bags are now being used for a variety of purposes such as:

1. Advertising products and services.
2. As a fashion accessory by women (handbags) since they are classy.
3. In shopping malls, and grocery stores to pack goods for customers.
4. Functioning as wine bags.
5. Used for gifts purposes.

Merits of non-woven bags

Non-woven bags have permeated almost all types of industries and enterprises. For example, corporate entities have been among the enterprises that have benefited by using non-woven bags. So what are the merits that make non-woven bags attractive among people and companies? Below are 5 key merits.

Marketing and promotional tools

If you thought companies can only market and advertise their brands through electronic media, you have got it all mistaken. Manufacturers of non-woven bags have managed to venture into the world of marketing and advertising thus wooing companies to adopt these bags. The fabric used to make non-woven bags allows for 100% printing of information- text, images and logos. Small and medium enterprises, corporate companies, can use non-woven bags to create mass awareness about their line of products and services. By giving customers the non-woven bags as gifts, companies are able to intensify their marketing activities rapidly and economically. Not only can textual advertising messages be printed but also graphical and pictorial content that appeals to customers. For instance, companies can have their trademarks, logos, and slogans printed on the bags.

Non Woven Bags

Printing techniques used for printing advertisement messages on non-woven bags

When using non-woven bags are marketing tools, the key message that the company intends to put across has to be printed on the bags. Specialized types of printing techniques are used. The best printing techniques to use are silk screen printing and heat transfer printing.

Silk screen printing

Silk screen printing makes it easy for a company’s advertisement message and images to be printed in different colors. The screen printed promotional messages can last on the bag for long while still looking new. In this type of printing, a screen is positioned on the bag and ink is smeared. The bag is given some time to dry to ensure the message is well printed and of good quality.

Heat transfer printing

This printing technique is suitable for printing promotional content both on small or big sections of the non-woven bag. It also enables shading to be performed without problems. For printing to be done using this method, a heat sensitive paper is required. The promotional content is initially printed on the heat sensitive paper then moved to the bag.

Extremely durable

Non-woven bags have been dubbed as bags for life. This is essentially attributed to their durability which increases their quality level. The non-woven polypropylene fiber makes these bags durable by boosting their water resistant ability and reusability. The bags are also fire resistant as they can withstand very high temperatures without melting. Due to these qualities, non-woven bags can be used for five years or more without getting torn or worn out.

Non Woven Bags


It is becoming evident day in day out that plastic bags do not augur well with the environment. Plastic bags are non-biodegradable leading to environmental pollution. This has motivated many countries to ban the use of plastic bags. People are now starting to give more thought to non-woven bags as they are very eco-friendly. These bags are eco-friendly in the sense that they are recycled once they become old. Some can also be transformed into garments and many more items reducing wastage of fabric used to make them. As all the materials used in making non-woven bags are recycled, environmental degradation is reduced.

Boost the reputation and image of companies

This results because non-woven bags are used for marketing endeavors and also due to their eco-friendly feature. As companies infuse the bags into their marketing strategies, their reputation and image improves. How does this come about? Non-woven bags do not have a negative effect on the environment as opposed to plastic bags. The non-woven bags do not cause litter which is associate with plastic bags. Hence companies that use non-woven bags are viewed positively by their customers.


Considering that non-woven bags are used almost for a lifetime, the cost of making them is greatly low. Since they can be used repeatedly, the cost of reproducing them is largely decreased. For corporate entities, using these bags is economical because they cut down on marketing costs. When companies give their customers the non-woven bags with their logos printed on them, they are assured of continuous brand advertising. This happens because customers use the bags for long periods before needing new ones


Finally, non-woven bags are continuously finding their way in retail stores and other businesses. At an individual level, people are also embracing them for different reasons and uses. As already discussed in this article, non-woven bags are reusable and recyclable. Other merits of non-woven bags include: availability in different colors and thicknesses. These are all clear indications that non-woven bags are quality bags.
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