When Is The Best Time To Use Recycle Bag

Recycle Bags

Time has come to use less of the plastic bag and adopt recycle bags. Green bags and non-woven bags have far much more benefits than plastic bags. As consumer goods are here to stay, there is more reason to move to green bags. While this is cost effective, it will ultimately help humanity to get more from the environment.

I wouldn't point out for sure when is the best time to use recycle bags, non-woven bags or the green bags. Generally, there are times that it would be more beneficial and called for to go for these kinds of bags.

1. Bulk shopping.

Non-woven recycle bags handle bulkier shopping more conveniently than the plastic bags. This is because they are normally bigger and they are made of stronger material. Green bags can do more shopping trips than the plastic bags too.

2. Save money.

You would save some money when using green bags than you would when using plastic bags. I know you are asking how this is so. Some stores and supermarkets actually have initiative to give smart points to people using a non-woven bag or any other green bag for that matter. These smart points can be accumulated every time you go shopping and later redeemed to pay for items.

3. More than one task.

Green bags can be used for more than one task. When you are not going for shopping, you can use this bag to carry your packed food when going for a picnic. They make for good bags because most have very arty and cute messages. When going to visit a friend or relative, non-woven bags can come in handy to carry something for them from home.

4. When you have children.

It is very safe to use a recycle bag. They do not come with the risk of suffocation. We all know how little children are playful and will want to put anything over their head. Go for the green bag as this won't pose risk to children in the event it is left within their reach by mistake.

Not only are green bags safe for children, pets too are safer around recycle bags. Most pets like cats and dogs will tend to be really playful with anything that they fancy so it is good to make the environment safe for them.

5. Part of the cause.

Every nation in the world and most people are moving towards the great cause of saving the environment. It is good that you are part of this great cause. Your contribution, however small goes a long way in realizing cleaner environment. Recycle bags put less strain on the environment that the disposable bags.

Most of us tend to throw away disposable bags without the second trip to the grocery store. These have to be taken to landfills around the city. For the most part, disposable bags are non-biodegradable, which means they cannot rot like any other natural waste. This results in faster filling of the landfills which require more land to be allocated.

Not only are making the environment safer every time you use a green bag, you also send a visual message where you are. When you do shopping or carry stuff around with the attractive recycle bags, people who see you are informed and inspired to do the same. That way many of those around you also get to be part of the green movement to put a lesser strain on the environment.

Our forests are now safer thanks to green the bag, non-woven bag and green bag that have replaced the paper bag. This means cleaner air and abundant rainfall.

6. Other than the environment.

It's not only the environment that gets a beating from the use of disposable bags. More energy and resources that would have been used elsewhere are used in the manufacture of disposable bags that have a much shorter usage life. Plastic bags require petroleum as their raw material which is costly. All these put a strain on the citizen in form of larger costs for energy and resources due to demand from manufactures that push the prices up.

7. Marketing and branding.

In case you are a supplier or own such businesses as grocery store or a take-out restaurant, it has come time for you to use green bags. You can have recycle bags or non-woven bags of good quality made and labelled just for you. When your customers get to use these products, they transfer the quality and value to the service that you offer them. More to that, the logos printed and messages carried by the bags make for good advertising campaigns for your business which is really value for money.

Now that we know when to use recycle bags. We need to have a few tips up our sleeve to get the best out of the bags.
- It is good to ensure that you have the bags every time you have to use them. Ensure that you get enough of these from your favorite retail store. Every time you use the bags for shopping, empty them and take them back to the vehicle for use in the next shopping trip.

Make sure you carry these with you anytime you get into the store or supermarket. Don't shy off to tell the cashier to wait for you to rush for your green bag in the event you have forgotten it in the car, I am sure they won't mind waiting a minute or two.

If you have more than one car, have bags in both cars. If you like to go shopping using your bicycle, and then have the bags conveniently located so that you do not forget them.

- Wash the bags every now and then. If they are made of cotton, get them starched so that they are clean and last longer.

-Have different bags for different items. Have a recycle bag for groceries, another for detergent and another for food stuffs like cereal, ketchup and so on. Help the packing personnel at the store to pack the right stuff in the right bags. You can have color codes and different sizes to make sure that you have an easy time identifying.
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