Advantages Of Purchasing Non Woven Bags

 Even though they were introduced into the market recently, non-woven bags have become popular in the lives of many. They offer advantages like, durability, cheapness, being reusable, they are safe to the environment and to our health too. They can decompose in a very short time, and they play a very crucial role in the environmental protection campaigns. One the other hand, plastic bags have been considered as the greatest invention, this is because they are waterproof and they are relatively cheaper. But their major downside is that they have caused a lot of damage to our environment and health too. To make sure that we save our environment for the coming generations, it is paramount that regular bags are replaced by biodegradable plastic bags. But one major challenge of attaining this is that the cost of production of such bags is too high. This leaves us with no other choice but to go for non-woven bags.

Non Woven Bags

Let us then look at the advantages that non-woven can offer their users:
No poison

Non woven bags have proven to be very environmentally friendly. This is because they are made of original nonwoven fabric. When you dispose of them, they will decompose into the natural environment within a period of 3 to 6 months. This ensures that they don’t leave any harmful materials in the soil. The substance that is generated into the soil after they decompose, act as a source of good nutrients for the trees and soil too. As opposed to this, regular plastic bags are manufactured from oils and additives which are sourced from heavy metals. These substances are extremely dangerous to the health of humans and the environment too. The plastic bags manufacturing process itself creates dangerous toxins that pollute the atmosphere hence increasing the greenhouse effect. The pollution effects that are brought about by the use of plastic bags have both direct and indirect effects on the human health. This is why it is advisable that one uses non-woven bags to ensure that the environment and our health is protected.

Easy decomposition

The major raw material used in making non-woven bags is long fibres. They are bonded together mechanically by use of heat. They are treated with a solvent that ensures that they decompose into the natural environment within the first 6 months of being disposed of. This ensures that non-woven bags complete their life cycle within a very short period. With this feature, the non-woven fabric bags are an environmentally friendly alternative. They are important in maintaining a long and good habitat for our coming generation.

Non Woven Bags

Cheap in price

One attribute that makes regular plastic bags that popular, is because of their cheap price, the ease with which one can use them, and since they are light weight. But when you compare them with woven bags, the bags are either 3-4 times costly than the regular bags. However, due to their wash ability, the non-woven bags can be reused many times hence seeming to be cheaper than plastic bags. This is why non-woven bags are considered to be having more optimal reconciling benefits and improved environmental sanitation.

Wash ability and reusability

These non-woven fabrics, come with many useful features with them, they are thin, spongy, breathable and also soft. All these features are meant to ensure that the bag does not irritate the human body. Due to their waterproof ability, the non woven bags can be washed and dried multiple times to ensure that one saves money. This function is very low with plastic bags even though they can also be reused for other functions but cannot be effective like the non-woven fabric bags.

Nice printing, various types

Another advantage of non-woven bags is that their fabric enables direct on surface printing. Or they can be film printed then laminated together to attain many colours and create many images that can cater for the demands of the customers. Prints in non woven bags give a very nice colour. It is usually impressive and can act as an effective way of marketing for a company. This can be very vital in promoting the brand of the concerned company. The non-woven bags can be made in a variety of ways which include sewing and heat sealing which ensures that consumers have a wide range of supply.

Non Woven Bags

Has variety of uses

Besides using it for shopping and carrying of various items, the non-woven bag can be used by patrons as gifts and giveaways during parties. Industries and individuals alike, appreciate the advantages that non-woven bags have. The bags are strong, lightweight, are of packable quality and are also soft. Additionally, non-woven bags are liquid repellent and also allow free air circulation inside them. Some of the frequent users of non-woven carrier bags include departmental stores, groceries and those that are in the retail business. The non-woven bags can also be important for those that are in the hospitality industry as they can be used to carry special goods like wine.

Firm and long lasting

The bags are made with durable materials and fabrics. The nonwoven fabric is not only safe but also very comfortable to use. As opposed to the ordinary plastic bags that can not last that long and are not reusable anyway. The unwoven bags are firmly manufactured so that they can avoid unnecessary breakage during the handling process. They also circumvent the content of the bag to ensure that there is no spillage. Additionally, when shopping for food stuff, the non-woven bags maintain the freshness of the foods. They ensure that fruits and vegetables are as fresh as they were bought when they arrive home. And since the non-woven bags are washable, consumers can prevent the risk of contamination through bacteria and thus avoid any dreadful illnesses.


It is common knowledge to all consumers on the positive effects that non-woven bags have to the environment. This is why all are encouraged to shift to using them as they will highly contribute to maintaining a healthy ecosystem. By using a non-woven carrier, one plays a major role since they are promoting a friendly living environment. Through this way, one will make a contribution, towards achieving a better and cleaner overall society
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