7 Things To Take Note When Printing Recycle Bag

Printing Non Woven Bag

Green bags or recyclable are known for their eco-friendliness. Usage of polyethylene bags\ paper bag has taken a toll on our precious environment. Their tough and non biodegradable nature made them tough to get rid of. The polyethylene bag is tougher to destroy and after getting dumped in the environment made it look ugly. In Singapore the dumping of the paper bag was seen as an epidemic. The beauty of the great shipping and trade center was getting destroyed by careless dumping of the paper bag. It posed danger even marine life since it floats and causes blockage of sunlight and the interaction of surface air.

Some of Singapore's residents took it upon themselves to change the trend of using paper bags. The use green bags has been seen as a great step and many businesses are implementing the use of green bags.

Green bags are eco-friendly, biodegradable, biodegradable and you can use them for a long time. If you are looking to have your own set of bags there are several things that you should take into consideration. Here are seven things to take note when printing recycle bags.

How long will the bags last

Some producers look to cut corners and use cheaper materials. Investigate how long a certain distributor products last. After all, you do not want your clients complaining about your bags. You can give the green bag a tear test, the tougher it is the longer it is likely to last. These bags will be used to ferry heavy shopping, products or stuff and you do not want your clients complaining about the bags throughout. This could lead to bad business due to the undesirable nature of your bags. Longer lasting bags are more expensive to produce because they will require more layers and this is what many people focus on. Large bags may increase production cost. Longetivity of an item helps you market your product for a longer time.

Cost effectiveness

Everyone worries about making money and using a more expensive option will dent your profits. When selecting recycle bags always look for the option that will sustain your profit margin. If you are looking for a printing service look for a great deal that will leave you smiling all the way to the bank. Have your auditor look up if you will be profitable when using eco-bags. Taking necessary precautions will help your business go a long way and your client will enjoy great your great services. There are a lot of variations in the bag production and purchasing in bulk always proves to a great bargain. In some instances, you could be having an event that is free and issuing bags could heavily affect your budget. Always seek for a great bargain that will save you tonnes of money.

Size of the bag

This is another area that t you should focus on. When it comes to printing having a large bag requires more more material. The large surface area takes more paint and time. Larger bags also cost more to produce. When selecting the size of a bag you should have these questions in mind
- Are they really necessary
- Are the users going to use these
- Will they promote my brand
- How long till I get them delivered
- Cost incurred

Many businesses have different bag size variations, when a client shopping is gauged to fit in a particular bag they use that bag. This way the business saves and the client gets the right size of the bag. You can use targeted delivery to use the right size of bags. When having your recycle bag printed always sort the sizes and try to get a good deal when having the bag printed.

Print design

Good print design needs more money. You have to pay the designer better and have a great printing service. This is not a cheap move. An attractive design sells more than a plain simple design. The warmth of having great design will help your brand reach out to other potential customers. Taking great consideration in the print design of your recycle bags will help make more money. In Singapore there are many design companies ready to give you that great looking logo and supporting message. It is wise that you try to get a killer logo, then having it printed on the bags.

Around the globe many companies take great measures to have a good print, something that will appeal to the masses. You could consult with the designer company about having a great quality logo, then settling for printing your bags.

Use of the bag

We sometimes forget to focus on the bag end user and then end up with a bag that isn't fulfilling our needs. These bags will be used to lift heavy stuff and sometimes wet content. Bag usage contributes to having it made to handle more heavy lifting. The design should also cater for bag usage and you will enjoy having an efficient bag for your end users. Looking into bag usage will help an environment friendly bag.


Recycle bags should be biodegradable in the long run. Singapore has such amazing scenery and maintains highest cleanliness. If you are going to produce items that are biodegradable, it's good that you use a color that won't make the environment look dirty. The bags should look clean even after use. Putting natures beauty into consideration will make your company desirable in the long run. All recycle bags have varying decay periods. Choosing the materials with a shorter decay period will keep the environment. Print services will direct you to the best recycle paper.


The reusability of a bag should be also be put into consideration. Longer lasting bags are more reusable till they start looking faded to the user. We should focus on long lasting bags that will reduce the demand of the bags on the streets. A bag that last longer will reduce the need of other bags that destroy the beauty of Singapore. The branding on the bag also lasts longer and will eventually bring in more client.
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